Powered Educational Tools: How College Students Are Building the Future of EdTech

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Students are influencing the future of technology in education in unique ways. 

Some use innovative techniques to create new apps, while others share helpful insights on the tools as users. Moreover, they launch their own EdTech businesses, introducing novel concepts to the industry.

No wonder yesterday’s students create AI-driven educational tools today. Their products are customized to anyone’s learning preferences. For example, they built chatbots to assist in answering queries and enhance the interactivity of learning. 

There are few people left who haven’t tried to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) for their studies. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of 5 AI tools you may want to use to enhance your learning process.

The Future of Technology in Education


About 46% of high school students in 2023 confirmed an interesting fact. They used ChatGPT and other AI tutors to study or for personal purposes. If students got 10 before, with AI helpers, they got 12 grades.

This study only pushed the tide of new AI tools that were released. It is impossible to disperse an already-raging storm, is it not? Consider using a personal AI tutor as well; we’ve found the most convenient one for you!

Edubrain AI homework helper online is useful for any learner of any subject. It doesn’t matter if you attend high school or have an expert level. If you’re stuck doing homework, give it a try. They cover art, math, algebra, economics, and other opposites. There’s a 99% likelihood that the topic you’re interested in is on its list of subjects.


EduBrain Features to Сheck Out

  • It is absolutely free so take your chance to try it on the next assignment.
  • Edubrain.ai offers 90+ subjects, so select a subject from your course to get started.
  • It works extremely fast since creating a correct answer takes up to 10 seconds.
  • There is no need to create an account, and you still have unlimited access.


Check out another one of the best AI education tools on the 2024 list. Using Notion, you may organize tasks, draft resumes or portfolios, and take notes. You can literally organize your life!

This online toolset is perfect for tracking due dates, coordinating studies, and streamlining tasks.

What You’ll Like in Notion:

  • Full package. Notion combines files, wikis, written notes, projects, calendars, and artificial intelligence in one location.
  • There are many templates and options to add originality to your page with custom design decisions.
  • A free plan is available, just as a paid option.
  • Notion AI feature: improve your text and conduct in-depth research.
  • Simple to share: use custom names for personal links.

Notion (2)


Tome.app is a presentation-building platform. Here, you can create a presentation using templates, AI assistance, or your own creativity.

Best Tome Parts

  • There is a free version.
  • AI design tools are worth trying in a professional version.
  • There is no limit to sharing.
  • You can use an AI helper to find fresh ideas for a presentation.



Tired of not knowing how to sum up all the accumulated data?

UpWord is a place where you can easily add, arrange, and manage any facet of your knowledge. Among educational AI tools for students, Upword AI turned into what they call a modern knowledge assistant. 

Prime UpWord Features

  • 7-day free trial version.
  • Create essays and other writing.
  • Add new work sections for team assignments, individual work, and classes.
  • Use AI chat to generate new ideas.



Grammarly is a popular and free AI-powered resource that helps you avoid grammar, punctuation, and stylistic mistakes. Thus, the extension finds and corrects your text to improve its quality and readability and take your academic writing to a higher level.

What Makes Grammarly Unique:

  • copyright checker identifies copied text.
  • Key features are free and enough for a basic grammar check.
  • It’s easy to improve your writing style by choosing the text’s purpose.
  • Use it right where you write: Google Docs or the app itself; it’s your choice.


The Bottom Line

Do you see how the newest AI tools are changing everything? The future of technology in education is bright and full of hope!

The way we learn is evolving, thanks to AI tools. They increase the efficacy of learning and make it more personalized. Hopefully, now everyone can afford an AI tutor. In this article, we present a list of the 5 most popular AI study tools for you to choose from and to save valuable time.

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