Analyzing Growth Potential: Is It Easy to Expand on Kick or Twitch?

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Learn whether it is easy to grow on Kick or Twitch. Get detailed comparisons, tips, and strategies for boosting your traffic and growing organically. As a new streamer in the streaming world, people might sometimes get confused about choosing a live streaming platform due to the multitude of these available online. The most famous of these are Kick and Twitch. Many people remain confused about which platform to use for their channel. In this article, I have tried to explain both.

This debate between can be based on your personal preferences. You earn better on Kick as compared to Twitch, which makes it appealing. However, Kick lacks the viewer base of Twitch and also some other features like a strong foundation. Also, on Twitch, there are restrictions on a certain type of content but Kick viewers can enjoy a diverse range of it as there is no such restriction. Let’s discuss these two in detail:

Kick or Twitch-Which One to Choose?

Most of you must know about these two live-streaming social media platforms but for those who are new, let me explain what are these two platforms used for and how they work.

Kick is a live video streaming platform launched in 2022 with a format very similar to Twitch which was launched in 2011. So Kick is quite a new name for many of us. Kick got instantly famous due to its 95/5 offer to the content creators which means streamers get 95 % of the earnings from the subscriptions while it’s only 50 % on Twitch. Moreover, there are fewer restrictions related to content type on Kick as compared to Twitch. Many big names have joined Kick, which is another reason for its popularity.

Is It Easy To Grow On Kick Or Twitch-Detailed Comparison

Kick and Twitch both aim to provide content creators with a platform to stream live and showcase their talent to the world. Both have their uniqueness but certain differences make them unique. I have made a comprehensive comparison between the two so that you may decide which to choose.

User Interface and Experience

User Interface and Experience

It’s been over 10 years since Twitch has been serving the community while Kick was launched in 2022. So obviously Twitch has a huge viewership and number of streamers as compared to Kick. But as you see more streamers on Twitch, you must also know that the competition rate is extremely high there. So growing on Twitch is a bit difficult as compared to growing on Kick as Kick viewers can offer more visibility and support to their favorite streamers. Moreover, you can increase your followers and get an authentic audience by buying from a legitimate service provider to grow viewers on Kick and Twitch.

Twitch has a user-friendly interface for all kinds of users and its layout is familiar to most people which makes it easy to navigate while you need to make some adjustments on Kick due to its newer interface. Moreover, Twitch has strict policies regarding content types. That is the reason many new content creators chose Kick because of its lenient policies.

Earning on Kick Vs Twitch


You can earn in various ways on both of these platforms through live streaming. These ways may include:

Subscriptions: When people subscribe to your channel, you get a straight 95 % of the earnings but on Twitch this percentage is lower to 70 % which is only for eligible streamers. Also, many Twitch streamers operate under the standard 50/50 split.

Donations: On both of the platforms you get 100 percent of the donations you receive.

Ads: You as a streamer can earn by showing ads during your streams on Twitch. But on Kick, you cannot show ads during your live streams as they prefer direct sponsorship deals with brands and can’t earn money unless you join the Kick Creator incentive program.

Other methods:

On Twitch, another earning way is to earn some percentage from the sales of video games through their channels. Streamers on Kick get a fixed $16 per hour without considering the viewers’ count on their streams.

Simulcasting on Twitch Vs Kick

simulcasting means streaming the same live content on different platforms. It was not allowed on Twitch till October 2023 when they changed their policies and allowed streaming on multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Kick. While Kick has not announced any policy regarding this so we assume that until now, simulcasting is allowed on Kick.

Community Building and User Engagement

The methods of community building and getting better engagement are a little different on these platforms. Like:

On Kick, you can give updates about your channel through the comment section or text messages in the chat box. While on Twitch I feel it’s way better as you can engage your audience during live streams. Your viewers can ask questions, and show their love during live chats. It enhances the sense of strong community.

Affiliate and Partner Program on Twitch and Kick

Both have monetization programs, but the requirements differ.

Twitch Affiliate:

  • 8 hours of streams
  • 7 streaming days
  • Average of 3 viewers

Kick Affiliate:

  • Stream for 5 hours

Twitch Partner:

  • 25 hours streamed
  • 12 streaming days
  • An average of 75 viewers

Kick Verified:

  • 30 hours streamed in 30 days
  • 12 unique streaming days in 30 days
  • Average of 75 live viewers in 30 days
  • 300 unique chatters in 30 days
  • At least 20 active subscribers in 30 days

For Gamers Which Platform is Better

It’s all a matter of preference what you like or do not like. Twitch has a vast gaming community and major esports events are covered on it. on the other hand, Kick is new in the fields so it offers a less saturated environment, which also includes interruptions through ads. So if you are there for big events and a huge community Twich should be your pick. But if you love tailored and smoother experiences, Kick might be your choice.


1: Why should someone choose Twitch over Kick?

Twitch gives you vast and better exposure and growth opportunities due to its wide audience range.

2: Why should we choose Kick over Twitch?

If your target is to gain more revenue, then you should select Kick. Also, there is less competition as it is a new platform.

3: Can I stream on both Twitch and Kick simultaneously?

Yes, recently Twitch has allowed simulcasting, which means streaming on multiple live streaming platforms simultaneously.

4: How can I know which platform is best for me?

You should select the platform according to your niche, content type, and targeted audience.


It’s all up to you, to choose according to your needs for your live-streaming journey. Where Kick offers a better earning share, Twitch offers a huge community with a wider audience. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s all up to you what you prefer according to your content nature and channel demands. No matter what platform you select,. Always focus on quality and engagement. You will shine, for sure!