Top 5 Android Apps to Help College Students Write as Professionals

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Putting ideas down on paper and arranging thoughts in a clear and persuasive way is not easy for everyone. Many often struggle with writing. For students, it can create significant problems because they have to complete writing assignments regularly. Writer’s block is real, and there’s a complete lack of time to submit papers within the specified deadline. Here are the best android apps for college students that can help students master their skills and face fewer challenges. All you need to do is download the app on your Android phone. That’s it!


Grammarly (1)

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Grammarly, but we’ll once again highlight how comprehensive this app is when it comes to improving your writing skills. The app helps you identify grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, it shows parts of texts that require changing or rephrasing to make your writing more polished. You won’t even need a custom term papers writing service like ThePensters once you install this app on your phone. Its main features include:

  • Instant errors correction
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Simple and easy-to-understand explanations
  • A feature that allows you to rephrase and improve your sentences
  • A free version exists, although it has restrictions


ProWritingAid is a perfect tool for every student willing to learn how to write like a pro. The app offers such options as word count, revision monitoring, and a comprehensive analysis of the user’s mistakes to help them improve their writing. Apart from that, the app also has the so-called “learn mode”, which is progressive guidance for new and aspiring writers aimed at expanding their vocabulary and helping them master the most common grammatical rules. Here’s how you can benefit from using ProWritingAid:

  • It checks spelling, grammar, and capitalization for you
  • The app is accurate and reliable
  • User-friendly interface makes it easy to use on your phone
  • There’s a built-in plagiarism checker


While this app is mainly aimed at those who need to come up with creative and unconventional plots regularly, it can be a helpful tool for everyone looking to improve their writing skills. If you are a student dealing with a lot of creative writing tasks, you’ll benefit from installing this app on your phone. The tool has a variety of built-in capabilities, allowing you to create timeline templates, develop your plot, and create an outline for it. Moreover, you can use this app in class, too. The main features of this app are:

  • Various capabilities and features, depending on your specific needs
  • A perfect assistant for everyone willing to learn how to write fiction or even publish a novel later on
  • The tool supports various devices, allowing you to work in any way you want
  • Excellent narrative formats


This is a relatively new writing software that you can easily download on your smartphone. You can use it instead of a traditional text editor to write down ideas that come to mind or develop a narrative when inspiration hits. Apart from that, the tool offers various plot forms and useful examples to help you figure out which road you wish to take with your text. The main benefits include:

  • Offering functional variety and a lot of effectiveness when you are working on your text
  • The option to use the app to make an outline, compose your text, or even arrange a novel
  • The app helps you save time and streamline your work process


The simple interface of this app allows you to focus solely on the writing process and avoid distractions. As a result, you get things done faster and have plenty of time to edit and rewrite your text. If you’ve been searching for a tool that streamlines your writing process, this is it. You won’t find anything better. Write anytime and anywhere. The key features of this app are:

  • A focus mode allowing you to immerse yourself into the writing process fully
  • A cloud-based synchronization, so you’ll never lose track of your documents
  • A quick and simple way to insert graphic elements into your document

Final Thoughts

We discussed the best android apps for college students. Learning how to write like a pro is a long and challenging process. Having a variety of useful tools will certainly help you grasp the main idea of this craft, improve your skills, and learn how to express your thoughts in writing effectively. With so many apps to choose from, you’ll forget about writer’s block and will manage to come up with impressive texts, no matter how little time you have. The more you practice, the more refined your writing style becomes. Download these five apps on your phone and get to work. Creating the next masterpiece and learning to write like a pro won’t take as much time as you expect when you have so many practical tools on hand.