Link Building Types in SEO: Unlocking the Power of Link Building

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Diversifying Your SEO Strategy Through These Different Types of Link Building

Different is always good. People usually get bored easily, and sticking to one thing for its entirety might not be the best thing to do. Well, surprisingly, this applies to SEO. Sticking to one SEO strategy is not the most effective thing. SEO is a very dynamic process and market where experts are always on the move to come up with new strategies and techniques. Which can be quicker and more effective. That is why you should always be armed with knowledge about everything going on in the SEO world. In this article, we will explore different types of link-building in SEO that you might not have come across.

What Is Link Building?

Starting from the very beginning by introducing link building. Link building is one of the most commonly used (and effective) SEO strategies. It might be a long process, so bear with me. At the beginning, you will start by finding relevant websites across the internet that write content similar to yours or in the same scope and industry. Then the second step would be connecting together to identify any chance of collaboration. And lastly, you have an agreement to refer to each other’s websites and content to improve and enhance organic traffic. Due to the great significance of such a strategy, there have always been people coming up with variations and new ways to implement link-building. Such as the skyscraper technique and others that we will demonstrate later on.

The Importance of Link Building for Optimizing SEO

Improves Search Engine Rankings


SEO relies heavily on link building, as it has a significant impact on how search engines rate the credibility and importance of your website. Search engines like Google view inbound links from other credible websites as a vote of trust in the reliability of your content. Thus, your site will have a better chance of rising in the ranks of the SERPs for the desired terms. More people who are seeking information, products, or services connected to your industry are highly qualified prospects, and they can be attracted to your site through the improved visibility that link building offers.

Increased Organic Traffic

Improved visibility in search engines is closely correlated with a rise in organic clicks. There is a strong correlation between a website’s position on the first listing of search results pages and the number of clicks it receives, with the top three results receiving the vast majority of these clicks. You can increase your share of organic traffic from search engines by raising your site’s ranking through strategic link-building efforts. To further their internet visibility and attract a larger audience, this can be very useful for businesses and website owners.

Builds Website Authority

The benefits of link building extend beyond improved search engine results to include increased authority and credibility for your website among your target audience. When credible sources link to your material, it serves as a genuine endorsement from those sources. As time goes by and more authoritative sites link to your articles, your site will gain credibility and trustworthiness. In addition to helping your SEO, this improves your whole online presence and is likely to result in a larger, more invested audience.

Enhances the User Experience

Enhances the User Experience

The best backlinks are those that take readers to additional material that is both interesting and helpful. This does double duty: it increases user engagement and lowers the site’s bounce rate by keeping visitors on the page for longer. Search engines place more trust in websites that have been shown to provide a favorable user experience. On top of that, satisfied visitors are more likely to stick around, read more of your material, and eventually become paying and loyal customers.

Helps with Indexing

In order to find and add new pages to their indexes, search engines crawl the web and follow links. It’s much easier for people to find and quickly index your pages when other websites link to your material. When releasing new content or updating older pages, this is invaluable. When your important material is indexed more rapidly, it will rank higher in search results, where it has a better chance of being seen by its intended audience.

Diversifies Traffic Sources

It’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, whether it’s social media or paid advertising. By establishing a wide variety of backlinks from different strategies, you can reduce your reliance on any one particular referral source. This not only improves your site’s stability, but it also lets you reach a wider audience that finds your material through channels like search engines, social media, and links on other sites.

Social Proof

Social proof occurs when authoritative websites link to your content, signaling to search engines and consumers that your work is useful and worth spreading. This endorsement can inspire other websites and individuals to connect to and share your content, setting off a positive feedback loop that increases your online presence and visibility even further. Your content will become more authoritative as it gains momentum in your field, making it the first stop for readers looking for answers to their problems.

Local SEO Boost

Local SEO Boost

The importance of building links for local audiences cannot be overstated for businesses. Improving your ranking in local search results can be as simple as acquiring links from relevant local resources like directories and newspapers. Attracting users who are already in the market for your products or services depends heavily on this factor. Your business may profit from local link-building techniques by rising to the top of local search engine results and strengthening its online presence in the community.

4 Types of Link Building You Should Consider

Out-Reach Links

The first type we are going to explore is outreach links. Outreach is one of the common types of link-building in SEO that millions use. This type involves gathering leads from authoritative websites and organizations in your industry with high-quality content. After that, website owners start reaching out via email or any other form. The most important thing about this type of link building is the outreach method and the message sent. As it either makes this process fruitful and effective or absolutely useless. It is essential to personalize the message for each website and make it as professional and welcoming as possible to increase the chance for further collaborations.

Submitted or Community Site Links

The second type is submitted or community site links. The idea of this type might be a tad different than the traditional link building we all know of. As it involves distributing and submitting links to different forums, social media, and any platform other than reaching actual websites. All you have to do is find a group, forum, or discussion that matches the topic of your content and submit its link.


Advertising is the third type on this brief list. It is a link-building type where you treat your content, blog posts, and articles as advertisements. This means that instead of reaching out for an agreement from both sides, you reach out to websites so you can pay for your content to get features. Although it is money-consuming, this type of link-building gives website owners great control over what they can share and say about their business.

Podcast Guesting

What could podcasts be doing here? Well, to your and my surprise, it is one of the types of link-building in SEO. Podcasts have gained much recognition in the last year or two as a new form of entertainment. People can now explore and listen to millions of podcasts in all categories, including businesses and websites. But how could that possibly be link-building? Well, let us say you got to be on a podcast where you talked about your website, its purpose, its vision, and how you started. Now, someone actually got interested and was eager to know more and explore himself. In each podcast, they usually link to the business, website, or guest’s link for people to take a look. So, here you go; you just got your own traffic on your website through a podcast.

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