Your Way to the App Store: 4 Steps to Generate the App-Specific Password

Your Way to the App Store: 4 Steps to Generate the App-Specific Password


We are glad that you have reached this step in launching your native app on the nandbox dashboard. Throughout this process, you will submit credential data in the page publishing info. For instance, you have to fill in there your username and password of the Apple developer account. That’s in case you enrolled in there with the Individual membership. Besides, Apple urged the members of this entity type to enable two-factor authentication. You will then have to go through another security measure: the App-Specific Password. It is a further layer of security that Apple has implemented to limit the access of the apps it doesn’t support.

In four steps, you can generate an app-specific password for nandbox – to later fill in the publishing info page. And hence, the nandbox publishing team will proceed with launching your app on the App Store:

Step 1:

Go to your Apple Account Manager by first signing in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2:

In the security section, click on Generate Password (below App-Specific Passwords).

On your Account Manager, click Generate Password to get an app-specific password.


Step 3:

Enter “nandbox” as a label for the password you are generating.

Label the generated password as “nandbox”


Step 4:

Copy the password generated, then enter it in its custom field on nandbox’ publishing info page.

Copy and paste the generated password in the custom field on the nandbox dashboard.


The app-specific password is for single-use, which means that you cannot retrieve it. But you can find it saved in the history with the label you gave while its generation. You can have up to 25 app-specific passwords. To manage them, click on Edit of the security section on your Apple account, then tap on View History. A drop-down list of your saved passwords will appear – where you can only delete one by one, or Revoke all.

Click Edit on the Security section of your account, then View History.


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