Anticipated Updates in Apple’s AirPods Lineup for 2024

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Apple Expected Updates In AirPods Pro Lineup For 2024 

The release of Apple Vision Pro has got everyone wanting to see and experience the tech. One of the tests done by early adopters, specifically Appleheads, is to try different versions of AirPods pro lineup to see what works best with them. Unfortunately, AirPods Max don’t sound as immaculate as we expected, mainly because of the incompatibilities that prevent the audio device from keeping up with Vision Pro’s room-sensing abilities.

Thus, we’re left with AirPods versions, and in this area, the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C emerged as the best. It not only gives you ultraclean sound but also convinces you that it’s part of the conjured Vision Pro realm. This is the case for now.

If you think this discussion is slowly tilting towards AirPods and its future, you guessed it right. 

With Vision Pro requiring more sophisticated audio technology and Apple eyeing more groundbreaking launches before the decade’s end, a drastic improvement must be made. It is only fair not to leave out the audio, a feature that serves one of the most important senses and greatly impacts user  experience.

So here are the top AirPods rumors we got from our insiders.

#1: 3rd Generation AirPods and AirPods Pro Fusio

Last October, news broke out that Gen 2 and Gen 3 AirPods will be discontinued. Two 4th Gen models will replace them, as Apple intends to keep a two-tier market approach, where one is mid-range and an entry-level counterpart is the other.

This new generation of AirPods is alleged to have the combined features of 3rd Gen AirPods and AirPods Pro but with shorter stems. Rumors also say they will have a better fit and some health-tracking sensors.

#2: AirPods Pro Changes

Although not as loud as the gossip about AirPods having some hardware changes, there are plans to revamp the AirPods Pro design. However, it is contested whether it would arrive within the year with all the ambitious details in the blueprint.

Apple will also introduce a hearing aid function for iOS 18, which may be the main feature of AirPods Pro. As we have heard already, studies show that AirPods Pro’s efficiency is nearly at par with that of medical-grade hearing aids. The company might want to pursue this direction without claiming that the new accessory can replace prescription hearing devices in any way. 
situation, leaving consumers to decide which device to purchase.

#3: What About AirPods Max?

The earlier rumors from December last year suggest that there will be new updates to the AirPods Max. However, it won’t be as significant as many wished it to be, with only new colors and the move to USB-C to expect.

Sadly, this was reiterated with a February update when Instant Digital confirmed a sparse update to the AirPods Pro Max, sealing the fate of keeping the old H1 chip. This is definitely not an expansive update and probably a boring year for Apple accessories. All we have is an 
assumption that Vision Pro will have a specialized audio accessory soon, but take it with a grain of salt as no insiders have heard about this from a reliable source.

Thus, brands like Hygadget have enough time to bring something big to the non-Apple accessories for Apple devices market, while the tech giant remains timid about these changes.

New 2024 Productivity Apps For Apple Devices

If you work around Apple devices for maximum productivity, another good news is that more apps geared towards high-quality and optimal output are here. Apple devices integrate seamlessly with these productivity apps:

#1: Craft

Craft is a flexible and visually appealing note-taking app that allows you to create, organize, and share your notes and documents with ease.

beautiful interface with intuitive organization
  Real-time collaboration with others

  Markdown support and rich text editing
  Export to PDF, Markdown, and more
   Integrates with other tools like Calendar, Todoist, and more

#2: Notion 2.0


Notion is a comprehensive workspace app that helps you organize everything from projects to personal life in one place.

  New timeline view for project management
  Enhanced collaboration features
  Updated templates for various needs
  Advanced search functionality
Database support for organizing notes, tasks, and more

#3: Focused Work

Focused Work helps you structure your day using the Pomodoro technique, offering customizable focus sessions and breaks.

   Create multiple focus sessions with different activities
   Customizable break times and intervals
   Automatic integration with Apple Health for mindfulness tracking
   Real-time progress tracking

#4: TickTick 5.0


TickTick is a versatile task management app that provides comprehensive tools for productivity.

  Enhanced habit tracking

   Custom smart lists and filters
   New themes and dark mode
  Integration with Siri Shortcuts and Apple Calendar
   Intelligent task suggestions and priority settings

#5: MindNode 7

MindNode is a powerful mind-mapping app that helps visualize ideas and brainstorm effectively.

Updated interface for better navigation
  Quick Entry for rapid idea capture
  Outlining mode for structured thoughts
  Focus mode to concentrate on specific nodes
  Export maps to various formats

#6: Things 3.14

Things is a highly regarded task manager, now updated with new features to enhance productivity.

   Improved widgets for iOS 15
 Integration with Apple Shortcuts
  Repeated tasks and deadlines management
  Enhanced keyboard navigation

#7: Spark 3

Spark is an advanced email client focused on collaboration and smart inbox management.

shared inboxes and drafts for teams

  Improved smart notifications
new calendar features for better scheduling
  Advanced search and filters

#8: Sorted

Sorted³ combines tasks, events, and notes into one cohesive app, providing a seamless scheduling experience.

  Timeline view for quick schedule adjustments
  Task auto-scheduling and smart reminders
  Powerful keyboard shortcuts
  Enhanced Apple Calendar and Reminders integration

#9: NotePlan 3

NotePlan 3 is designed to blend planning, journaling, and note-taking into one powerful productivity tool.

  Daily notes with integrated calendar events
  Markdown editor for quick formatting
  Linked notes and task management
syncs across devices with iCloud #10: Timery

Timery is a time-tracking app specifically designed for Toggl users to track productivity effectively.


  • Customizable time tracking and reports
  • Widgets for quick tracking
  • Integration with Siri Shortcuts
  • Tags and project categorization

Makers of productivity apps, particularly those available for Apple devices, are continuously battling to be the ultimate tool in their chosen field. This only means more great choices for our productivity. Indeed, competition is beneficial for the consumer market.