From Concept to Icon: The Journey of a Creato Logo in Leicester’s Competitive Landscape

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From Concept to Icon: The Journey of a Creato Logo in Leicester’s Competitive Landscape

The logo is the first point of contact between the audience and the brand. This statement is enough to understand the importance of a logo for brands. Logos hold a lot of significance, as it also provide identity, credibility, and consistency to a brand. A unique logo is mandatory for that, and Creato is a top-tier design agency that can help you with these services. Designing a logo is not only a task of creating appealing graphics; it is also a journey itself. From the first meeting with the client and understanding their perspective regarding the brand to the process of creating rough sketches, designing elements, etc.

There is a long line of work between the initial concept and the final design. In Leicester’s competitive market, having a unique business identity is crucial to outshining your competitors. So, if you’re looking for expert logo design in Leicester, Creato is the ultimate destination for you. Connect with the logo design experts now to learn more. 

Let’s understand the creative process of designing a logo at Creato.

  • Understanding the Client’s Vision

During the first interaction between the client and agency, the agency tries to gather information about the brand, target audience, and industry in which they work. This knowledge enables the agency to provide relevant insights and recommendations to enhance the project’s effectiveness within the industry. 

Creato understands the client’s preferences, requirements, and brand expectations in this consultation. 

  • Research and Inspiration

Based on the initial consultations and knowledge of the industry, the agency conducts research. This is a very important part of the process, as this agency tries to draw inspiration from different sources such as nature, art, architecture, fashion, and cultural symbols.

Analyzing competitor’s logos provides valuable insights into industry standards, common visual elements, and differentiation strategies. In addition, researching popular design websites, blogs, social media platforms, and publications helps one understand current market design trends and styles.

  • Conceptualization

This is the stage where the rough ideas take shape. Initial concepts are developed. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Based on the client’s brief, they align concepts with the project’s objectives.
  • They develop rough sketches of those ideas. This is not the final stage; these rough sketches require further refined elements.
  • At this point, they use, review, and select these sketches further. The objective is to choose something simple that conveys the right message and works on different platforms.
  • Each design decision should align with the brand’s values, personality, and positioning in the market.
  • Design Development

The refined concepts and sketches now take the form of digital design. Designers experiment with different fonts and styles to find the right balance between readability and aesthetics. The selection of color schemes is done, and it involves choosing the color that suits the brand’s personality. As a result, multiple variations and design concepts, showing different fonts, colors, sizes, etc., are prepared for review and feedback.

  • Feedback and Iteration


Now comes the point of presenting design concepts to the client for feedback. Present the concepts professionally in person or through a virtual meeting, allowing for interactive discussion and feedback.  Changes are incorporated based on the client’s feedback regarding the designs. At this time, if there is any confusion from the designer’s or client’s end, seek clarification to ensure that the designs align with the client’s vision and brand identity.

  • Finalization

The client’s selected design concept is finalized. The design is fine-tuned. Using design software, color palettes are adjusted, typography is edited, and final logo files for different applications are created.

Navigating Leicester’s Competitive Landscape

Leicester is a diverse city on the east coast of England. Its industries range from manufacturing to service sectors. So, if you are a business based in this city, unique branding is crucial for standing out from competitors. 

Competition within Leicester’s industries can be fierce, with local and national players vying for market share. This involves more than just a logo or slogan; it’s also about communicating a distinctive value proposition and building a solid emotional connection with customers.


Designing a logo is more than just putting the brand name or initials of the brand in different fonts. The concept is simple: develop designs that can communicate a brand’s message, capture the essence of the brand, and develop something that can help evoke an emotion amongst the target audience.

Actively engaging with clients, from understanding their briefs to considering their feedback, will not only help build a good relationship but also help design logos that align with the client’s vision.

Creato is one such agency that can help businesses thrive in Leicester. Their customized solutions and skilled professionals have an eye for detail and work with the commitment to deliver the best for their clients. Connect with them now!