Nine Critical Steps to Craft an Engaging Animated Explainer Video

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Nine Critical Steps to Craft an Engaging Animated Explainer Video

Businesses are trying different ways to convey their brand message better than before. A powerful tool that they can utilize is animated explainer videos. These short and engaging animated videos, sometimes done in-house by the company or made by a video production firm, solve a problem that customers typically face. They’re a driving force that you can use to captivate audiences and get conversions. Create animated explainer video, albeit in animated mode, and ensure success with these tips and strategies.

1. Story and Narration

These two elements drive your video forward. The very core of your video is in the message you want to share. You can write the script around it and align the narration with the needs of your audience. 

Introduce your characters and the problems they’re currently facing. Just when it all seems hopeless in the story, present how your product or service can solve the problems. Stories that have a personal touch to them are more engaging and memorable.

2. Clarity and Brevity

Condensing all the messages you want for an explainer video is challenging enough. You need to keep your videos short and concise. But keeping the video short means making it fun and interesting. 

As much as possible, aim for a total video length of 90 seconds to cover the main point in your story. Focus on how your product or service solves the problems of your characters. Avoid excessive details in your story to keep your audience glued to your video.

3. Alluring Visuals

The visuals of your new explainer video are important when you want to hold viewers’ attention from the first few seconds until the last one. Align your visuals with the brand’s voice and messaging. 

Experiment with animations, graphics, colors, and illustrations on every part of the video to see what it looks like. You can try a different style, too, like a whiteboard video. Use eye-catching designs and subtitles if your video has unfamiliar terms that viewers might not understand. When you use captivating visual elements, you have a higher chance of keeping the audience’s attention. If your business is new in the market it becomes even more crucial for your videos to be extremely captivating so consider working with a startup production company to create engaging videos that resonate with your target audience, even with limited resources.

4. Smooth Voiceover

Part of what makes an explainer video effective is the narration, and narrators can make or break your explainer video. They’re especially needed to bring the script to life. Choose a professional voice artist who has a friendly, warm, and authoritative tone that matches the message you want to convey. Additionally, you can use AI voice characters. They should be able to articulate words clearly at every stage of the video content. A soothing yet firm voice adds a certain magic touch to the video, making it entertaining. 

Additionally, for projects where budget or time constraints are an issue, you can also use voice-over tools like Revoicer. This technology offers a cost-effective alternative, providing clear and engaging narration that can be easily customized to fit your video’s tone and style.

5. Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

A CTA that spurs people into action is essential to a good explainer video. Specify the action you want your potential customers to take. They can sign up for your website, buy your products, avail of your services, and more. Your CTA should be clear, concise, and short. Put some sense of urgency in just a few words to get conversions.

6. Solid Branding and Identity

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Incorporate your brand’s logo, colors, and visual palette when you create animated explainer video to make it cohesive. Align your brand’s voice and tone with its personality online. Consistent branding tells casual viewers and audiences that your brand exists, and it aims to build trust with them.

7. Good Structure and Flow

Put your idea onto the screen with a clear structure of your explainer video. This narrative arc guides the viewers from beginning to end.

The structure is as follows:

  • Premise: Hook your audience and introduce your business and main characters.
  • Problem: State a relatable problem that your characters face.
  • Hero: Show how your business can solve their problems.
  • CTA: The desired action you want your audience to take.
  • One Last Pitch: Reinforcing the key takeaways of your video.


Having a clear structure for your script ensures a good flow of the video and effectively communicates your message with the narrative.

8. Overall Entertainment Value

What makes an explainer video enjoyable to watch aside from the content is its entertainment value. Utilize the best AI video editing software and AI video generators to add royalty-free music and sound effects, enhancing your video’s entertainment value. Music tracks add an engaging vibe to your content.

Make sure your audio is high quality as you edit your content. Remove bad takes from the raw animated footage to polish the explainer video. Collect graphics you can use for any part of the video. Capturing the audience’s emotions makes your video memorable to the public. Also, keep in mind that depending on the style, your explainer video cost may vary as well, and you can turn to professionals not to overpay for the design and have a high-quality video.

9. Optimized for Marketing Strategy

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Your video should have an optimized title and description filled with relevant keywords, so causal viewers can easily search it. Consider using a tool to add video subtitles online for better accessibility and engagement. Put closed captions on your video when you upload it on YouTube for accessibility. Look at your video’s viewer engagement and conversion rates to refine your strategies in the following content.

Hire a Video Production Company for Your Animated Explainer Video Project

While you can create videos in-house using an explainer video template, getting a video production company to do the work will take a heavy load off your shoulders. A professional explainer video maker and editor can bring a significant enhancement to your video. They can write the script, do the animation and voiceover, and optimize the video to reach a larger audience.

Working with a professional video production company like Dream Engine simplifies the video creation process for your team. You’ll get a polished final product that condenses your brand message and narrative into a short output. You don’t need explainer video templates or make your own videos since they can finish the work for you.

Final Words

An animated explainer video is an effective tool to communicate your brand message and drive conversions. Simple storytelling, alluring visuals, and strategic optimizations make the video more effective in bringing views and revenue. 

When followed correctly, these strategies can help break down complex concepts into simple bits and address the audience’s problems. It’s important to remember that when you create animated explainer video, it can help boost your brand in just a short duration.