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Faster and smarter than other rivals, nandbox App Builder empowers you to create Mobile Commerce Apps in minutes. Native and hosted, your App will run hundreds of features and give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Creating a mobile commerce app has never been easier with the step-by-step guide to walk you through how to customize each feature.

Smart, fast, and scalable mobile commerce apps with multiple stores

Build in minutes and upgrade your business!

One-One Chat

Instant store setup

After creating the mobile store tab on your App, by drag-and-drop, product listing follows. Whether one-by-one or bulk import of data or a mix of both approaches, it’s your choice.

Video Call

Multi-stores, One App

Add products, create bundles, lavish them with variable product add-ons, and put them in different categories; Each category functions as a separate store; Each category can be managed separately.

Shopping Cart & Inventory

While your customers are filling in their shopping carts, monitor your inventory from your nandbox Dashboard and avoid stock-outs.

Orders Management

nandbox enables your admins and support staff to make orders on behalf of your customers, using multi-channel ordering through your call center or the in-app chat between your users and support staff.

Payment Management On The Fly


Follow up with payment orders in real-time

Connect and make free, seamless, uninterrupted audio and video calls with contacts using your App


Drag and drop your payment gateway
Choose your payment gateway’s module on your nandbox dashboard and integrate it instantly into your app.


Multi-tier pricing plans for wholesale
Set multi-tiered pricing plans on multiple products across your app with absolute ease to provide various pricing options for your different customers.

Communication and Social Networking features


User Tags for well-targeted communications
Classify your customers with tags, direct your communication to the right segment, and achieve winning deals with minimal time and effort.


Unlimited push notifications, broadcast channels, and massive groups
Send unlimited push notifications, announcing your promotions, offers, and discounts. You can also spread the word in a news feed right on your App’s channels of unlimited subscribers or in chat groups of up to 10,000 members.


Best rated voice and video calling
Connect with your customers easily. With uninterrupted voice and video calls, your support team can serve your customers straight from your Ecommerce Mobile App and build a good rapport.

Interactive Channels


Unlimited subscribers
Create an infinite number of channels, having unlimited subscribers


Instant interactive feeds
Create rich multimedia posts and target specific users or a posts feed and enable your users to interact and reply


Administration hierarchy
Set up different administrative privileges, and assign admins to manage single or multiple channels on their nandbox Dashboard