How to Integrate Accept Payment Gateway In Your Shopping App

How to Integrate Accept Payment Gateway In Your Shopping App

Integrate your App with Accept instantly using nandbox App Builder

A secure payment gateway is the first aspect to consider when you have your business wired on mobile apps. Guided by the following lines, you will know how to integrate Accept payment gateway in your shopping app- a choice among others available on nandbox App Builder to enable online payment on your App.

At nandbox, no-code is the norm; by drag-and-drop and data insertion in ready-made fields, you can create and update your app in minutes. And so it is for integrating payment gateways in your app created with nandbox. 

3 steps to integrate Accept in your shopping app

  1. Create your Merchant Account on Accept

  • Go to App Settings, the fourth step on your nandbox dashboard, then select the category Finance & Payment, listed on the right.

    From the category Finance and Payment, drag and drop Accept to your main app features.
  • Drag and drop the WEAccept module, then fetch its settings, where you can click on “Get your Merchant Account” to sign up – that you shall do if you don’t have an Accept account.

    Click on ”Get your Merchant Account” to sign up on Accept..


    2. Insert Integration ID, API Key, and Hmac Secret on your nandbox dashboard

  • To get your Integration ID; Go to Payment Integrations on the left menu of your Accept dashboard. Then, copy the ID shown in a table and paste it in its specified field on your nandbox dashboard.

    Go to “Payment Integrations” listed in the left menu of your Accept Dashboard. Your Integration ID will then show up in a table. Copy and paste it in your nandbox dashboard.
  • To get your Hmac Secret and API Key; Go to Profile on the left menu of your Accept dashboard, find your Hmac secret, and show your API Key. Then, copy and paste each of them in their fields the dashboard.

    Copy your API Key and Hmac secret and paste them in their fields on your nandbox dashboard.

    3. Set the integration callbacks of your Accept account

  • Here you come to the final step. Go to Payment Integrations on your Accept account then click on the table shown; Your integration details will afterward appear at the end of the page. 
  • Click on edit then copy this URL and paste it in the field, Transaction Processed Callback. This is the callback URL. It enables you to receive instant notifications on the status of each transaction undergoes via your app. 
Copy this URL and paste it in the Transaction Processed Callback field on your Accept account.


Now, Accept should be integrated into your mobile app. If you have questions or you need help, please contact us at [email protected] 

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