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How To Create a Mobile App In Minutes?

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Getting an app can back up your business goals. But with so many app makers out there, finding the right solution for your company can be a daunting task. Well, what if you could build a mobile application on your own within minutes? Add free hosting and no upfront costs to that, and you’re all set to deploy your app. It may sound too good to be true, but it is not. Meet the nandbox app creator.

What is the nandbox app builder?

nandbox is a drag-and-drop native mobile app development platform. Its features are available to all users and designed for people without coding skills. nandbox is a cloud-based SaaS mobile app builder designed to create easy-to-scale apps. The big idea is to allow you to run your app in a robust and secure ecosystem. With nandbox, you get 100% free hosting and regular updates to keep your app up to date. Load and stress testing is free for all users, allowing you to see how your app performs in multiple scenarios before you get it rolled out.

Some of the features of our app creator

Our platform has multiple features that businesses can use to maximize the functionality of their apps. Even if you’re new to all things app creation, you can quickly develop mobile apps with many cool interactive features like:
  • Mapping  Pack an interactive map into your app, allowing users to share locations, find directions, and track performance.
  • Built-in messenger  Improve communication with whoever you serve and integrate live chat into your app to up-level your customer support.
  • Coupons  Coupons encourage your customers to stay with you and buy more of your products. Leverage them using our mobile app creator.
  • Events   Manage your event from creation to pitching within your creator dashboard. This feature comes with GPS data and social media sharing options.
  • Booking Are you considering new ways to get more online appointments? You can now add a booking feature to your mobile app as part of your funnel.
  • Payment system  Make it a breeze for your customers to pay for your products online. With nandbox, you can finish off your app with a payment system so that they don’t need to go elsewhere.

Why choose nandbox?

Whether you are a small agency with many apps to build or a solopreneur, nandbox can save you time and money without watering down the quality of your app. You only need to drag and drop the modules you need, and they will be turned into a fully functioning application.  Our platform is perfect for business owners looking to create apps. You don’t have to be a seasoned developer or a savvy coder to use nandbox. Develop mobile apps faster than ever before and save yourself the headache that comes with finding talented developers and building a team. Obviously, nandbox is the future of business app development. There are no fees to cover at the early stages. Just get started and enjoy nandbox for free for the first 14 days.

Do you want to create an app similar to the giants'?

 Choose, configure, and publish it in minutes with nandbox App Builder!

Create a mobile app like Facebook without coding


Connect via your own social app with features same as Facebook.

Make a mobile app like Viber in minutes


Get the FREE messaging and calling features of Viber in your own app.

Create a mobile app like Whatsapp in minutes with no code


Build your own messenger with the same features as WhatsApp.

build a mobile app like teamsnap with no coding

Team Snap

Empower your players and fans with an app similar to Team Snap with all its interactive features.

create a school app like seesaw without coding


Get your own Seesaw to empower the students, inform the parents, and help the teachers.

build a mobile app like Hello in minutes

Hello Parents

Connect the parents more with your school teachers.

Empower your app with a pool of interactive features on nandbox App Builder!



Integrate interactive maps into your app for excellent user experience – tracking, locating, sharing locations, and much more!


Built-in Messenger

Ensure your customer engagement by easy and fast communication channels


Digital Coupons

Lure your customers with digital discount coupons and keep them on board. Such a smart feature also supports tracking the usage of your offers



Create, manage and pitch your event with its GPS location and with social media sharing options.

Build native mobile apps with No Coding, simply drag and drop your features and create your app with no development cost!

No infrastructure is required to make a native mobile app with nandbox. Your app will run on a scalable and secure cloud ecosystem. nandbox provides free hosting, load and stress testings, as well as regular updates.

Native Mobile Apps at Your Fingertips!


Cloud Processing

Global cloud distributed platform that is secure, scalable and guarantees high availability of 99.999% uptime



The platform is common for all deployments by multiple modules providing advanced functionality



Integrate your backend system to your mobile app using an open API


Drag and Drop

Generate the most sophisticated hosted-ready native Android and iOS mobile apps in a matter of minutes using nandbox app builder



For a better user experience, build two complementary native Apps one for Android and one for iOS, each following the respective design guidelines of its operating system



Extend functionalities and make your app smarter by using bots

App samples that generated from nandbox App builder platform

nandbox is a SaaS platform that offers adaptable modules to match all deployments.That’s why we keep developing new functionalities on a daily basis. So most businesses can attract more customers by their hosted-ready native apps. With nandbox App Builder, you can build native mobile apps of high performance that your app users will love and retain. The multiple modules and the interactive features supported will boost your ROI with less effort

nandbox ecosystem platform and its distribution around the globe.

Create your mobile app without coding needed!

A secure and scalable backend platform is necessary to run apps smoothly. nandbox’s service leverages an existing cloud infrastructure and off-the-shelf databases. That’s why nandbox guarantees an innovative, flexible and compact distribution. And hence, your app built with nandbox, will run on a five nines availability system – which means an uptime of 99.999%