Build native iOS & Android Apps

100% genuine native mobile App, not a cross platform or a web view, it is not even hybrid app with a native shell. 


It is a 100 % real native apps, designed for Android and iOS for great user experiences, performance, and functionalities.e and functionalities.

A single platform for all mobile services


No infrastructure is required, smoothly run your mobile app in guaranteed scalable, and secure clould ecosystem. Infrastructure, security, scalability, testing and mobile new software releases compatibility is our on-going job.


Save cost, time and effort


Build and customize your app within minutes, with no need to minimal programming or coding knowledge. Just drag and drop your required components and get your app with a fraction of cost.


The Best Place to Create the Mobile App you need 

Cloud Processing 

Global cloud distributed platform that is secure, scalable and guarantee an uptime of 99.999%



The platform is common for all deployment, in which multiple modules can be added to provide different functionality.



Extend functionalities and make your app smarter by using bots.



Integrate your backend system to your mobile App using an open API.


Drag and Drop

Generate the most sophisticated hosted-ready native Android and iOS mobile Apps in a minute using nandbox app builder.



Build two complementary native Apps one for Android and one for iOS, each follows the respective design guideline for its operating system for better user experiences. 


Grow your business, hassle free

The platform is common for all deployment, in which multiple modules can be added to provide different functionality and services. We keep developing real complex functionalities on daily bases, which suite most of businesses, and can be delivered only via hosted ready native apps.  


With our unique technology, we will help you to build and customize dynamic apps with functions, features, performance and actions, which your users will love and retain.


We’ve got you covered


Great mobile app must be backed by very robust, secure and scalable backend platform. nandbox is offering the customer an integrated and comprehensive solution comprised of proprietary software, that leverages existing cloud infrastructure and off-the-shelf databases for innovative, flexible and compact distribution and messaging solutions. nandbox has developed a system that has a proven 99.999% uptime availability through cutting edge technology to provide the highest level of reliability, security and availability.

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