What Are the Trending App Ideas and How Can You Build Them?

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How to Make an App? 3 Trending Apps Ideas That Will Inspire You

People always tend to shift toward change, it is human nature. With the fast and instant transformations of everything around and roughly 6.65 billion smartphone users worldwide, this leaves no option but to adapt to change. A trend is what everyone aims toward nowadays, and it had an effect on applications, the entire process of making as well as the presence and structure. This article will present the top trending app ideas and how to make an app that can be super successful!

1- Food and Grocery Delivery App

How much easier could life get? If you sat and asked yourself, if the process of buying food and groceries could ever be done with only one click, you would have never imagined this would be even possible.

Food and groceries delivery apps began flourishing in 2015-2016, but the real turning point began in 2020. These apps experienced breakthroughs and widespread, which indicated their great importance.

During the pandemic, food delivery apps acted as a lifesaving solution, starting with being the complete opposite of the standard process we’re used to of driving many miles to buy groceries, waiting in endless queues to buy food, or being in long tiring waiting lists in your favorite restaurant, it was much safer as well as it included no contact at all. It also gave you plenty of options to pay for your food. In 2020, food and grocery delivery revenue surpassed $26 billion and 111 million users.

Taking UberEats as an example, Uber Eats generated $8.3 billion in revenue in 2021 with over 83 billion users, thus becoming one of the leading apps in the industry. This industry flourishing is non-stop, it’s expected to grow further to $43 billion by 2025, non-stop flourishing = non-stop success!


2- Coupon Applier App

Couponing is one of the most used (and oldest!) ways to save money while shopping. No matter how fancy you are, at the end of the day, a great coupon never misses.

Starting with standard ways such as coupon catalogs, newspapers, and printable coupons, the wave of change had to reach out and make a stance.

Digitalization of coupons was a big deal when it first came out, other than saving huge amounts of money during shopping, it made a tiring process a pretty simple one, taking the shopping experience to a whole another level. With the continuous development of technologies, it was possible to add many aspects to couponing, for example; promo codes and how you could generate them to give your loved one a chance to save some money, and the availability of a great number of merchants connected with these apps, that you can apply your discounts with, giving you a handful of options.

The number of coupon applier apps is little compared to the revenues they generate, making this a great idea if you are looking to make an app.

3- AI and Chatbots Apps

AI, which has been traditionally associated with fiction, was pretty much making the impossible possible. Embedding AI and integrating it into app functions was an astonishing breakthrough, as it significantly changed the whole user experience making it better and easier.

What is better than doing all tasks and managing everything with great functionality and easiness? You can even learn languages, new skills, and more about the world in general. AI interactive chatbots are another fascinating app to consider if you are making an app, as they can replicate human interaction where you can seek help in almost everything and find solutions in a matter of seconds. It almost sounds like a dream. However, it is very much doable!

At nandbox, reaching non-stop success is very much possible. As we try to make the process of creating an app as simple as possible, with no need for code, facilitating the process for people who have minimal to no experience in coding or app-making.

With over 200 features, you can easily make all the trending app ideas in literally no time. With only dragging and dropping the feature you want, you can make your personalized app.

  1. With the AI/chatbot feature, you can personalize your chatbot, which users can interact with. You may ask them about any inquiries and shall receive the perfect answer. With already integrated chatbots to choose from as Zapier and Mailchimp. You can start your chatbot from scratch and choose how it functions.
  2. Our unique built-in store feature, where you can make your food and grocery delivery app by adding local restaurants and groceries around, each with its unique menu, where users can order with many options to pay, you can even make channels for restaurants and groceries so they can communicate with users, announcing new updates instantly. and with our great map tracking feature that is still in its final phases of development but will be available very soon, users can track their food being delivered.
  3. With the loyalty and competition feature, you can create a coupon applier app with the ability to create a loyalty program to reward your regular users. You can make your coupons and even make competitions to increase users’ engagements and interactions. You can also announce special coupon list to specific users through channels or assign specific tags.

Although developing an app appears to be an almost difficult thing to pursue, nandbox was able to revolutionize. With a great variety of features and a simple process, you can make your app with any concept you can think of, and take off with it. It only takes one step to be successful. Want to give it try? Sign up and try it now for free!