TV and Media

Develop your TV community, and give it a smarter touch…. Change the way people watchTV and media.As the mobile world is incredibly scaling and evolving, promote your TV channel to an interactive TV channel, and develop a TV channel mobile app to keep your business up with the times.

Single place to introduce your content, activities, and services. (instanceMessaging and Push notifications feature)

Help your audience to stay always engaged to your content by providing a lists,schedules, news and competitions.

Let them know when their favourite shows, series, movies, or matches will bepresented. 

Send them the latest news and updates using the push notificationfeature, to make sure that no one will miss your content even if he/she is outsidethe house.

Acquire their loyalty by affording rewards program. (loyalty programfeature)

No one can deny the important role that the loyalty program plays in communityengagement and retention. Loyalty program will guarantee frequent views as longas the audience are getting rewarded. Design your own loyalty program, and adda loyalty wallet to your TV media App, so that your audience will have a preciousthing that will keep them always engaged, and you will have something helpingyou to retain your viewers all the time.

Run a marketing campaign and manage it from inside the TV mediaApp. (market campaign feature)

Set your promotion time, conditions and number of winners. Create yourown business promotions to encourage your audience to participate andwatch your content, Modifiable campaigns, which could be changed at anypoint of time depending on your chosen criteria. Configure marketingcampaign to provide incentive from TV ads to viewers to increase loyaltyand engagement. Unique platform will be provided to manage yourcampaigns and classify it according to your targets.

Encourage your audience to participate. (reviews &a feedback feature)

Include the reviews and feedback feature, so you can easily get youraudience needs and interests without making studies and waste your stafftime.

Let your audience feel at home. (online chatting feature)

Give them the ability to chat with your representatives through the live chatfeature, which can be used also to let audience chat with live shows’broadcaster to participate in competitions, etc…

Tease your Audience, and keep them always excited. (video streamingfeature)

Represent some of your content in a video, picture, audio, or any kind of files asa teaser; to create a curiosity atmosphere in your TV community, people alwaysseek the complete vision.

TV and social media integrations. (platforms integrations feature)

Integrate your social media platforms with your TV media App, so that all yourplatforms could be managed and linked in a single App.

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