Boost Your Communications ROI with Your Own TV and Media Mobile Apps!

Develop your TV community, and give it a smarter touch. Now, you can change the media landscape with your own TV and Media mobile apps, and boost your Return on Investment. As the mobile world is already escalating and evolving, promote your channel now to an interactive one, developed on a reliable mobile app – and keep your business up with the times.

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to take full control of your ads, improve audience engagement, and skyrocket your revenue!


Create, manage and pitch your event with its GPS location and with social media sharing options.


Broadcast your articles and a wide range of multimedia files through an active news feed. It’s a smart communication channel to keep your customers informed about your business activities.


Engage your audience with your channel by smart loyalty programs. In a digital wallet, your channel watchers can collect and redeem points.

Instant Messaging

Ensure your customer engagement by easy and fast communication channels.

100% Native Apps

Pioneered by Canadian technology, nandbox builds apps for TV and media channels covering all needs of communication and management.

  • Anytime, Anywhere
    Take audience engagement to a new level with various interactive features.
  • Full control
    You’re in the driver’s seat fully controlling your ads, content, and revenue – unlike how it goes with generic platforms like YouTube and Facebook.
  • Smart technology
    Your app with nandbox is 100% native, which guarantees you high efficiency – and with a fraction of its cost.

Send out countless push notifications

  • Now on nandbox built-apps, you can present the activities and services screened on your TV and media channels. It is only a click away to lure your audience. With endless push notifications, you can keep your audience posted with your channel’s latest news. Even if they are not home or not on their coaches, this feature will let your app do the job of TV. They will never miss the showtimes of their favorite series, movies, or awaited matches!

Engage your audience with loyalty programs

  • A loyalty program on your nandbox built-app is a gate to publicity. As long as your audience is getting rewarded, their word of mouth will bring your channel more views and hence high engagement and retention rates. In a digital wallet on your app, the audience can collect loyalty points as incentives for following your channel. They can later redeem these points through the app as well.

Run marketing campaigns on your TV Media app

  • Mastermind your marketing campaigns now from your mobile app and take the audience engagement to the next level. In a few steps, you can set the campaign’s launching time, its terms and conditions, and the number of its winners. nandbox dedicates a platform to your app, especially for this feature. On this platform, you can later modify your campaigns, classify them, and change their configurations at any time. And to further boost loyalty and engagement to your TV channel, offer the viewers of your TV ads attractive incentives to win during watching – all on a single app!

Let your audience express with reviews and feedback

  • Through feedback, more market needs will get revealed, new ideas will light up your channel, and hence your audience will trust your channel more. Integrate this feature into your nandbox built-app to give your audience the space to express – and get more room for improvement for your ads and provided services. 

Instant messaging for your audience to feel at home

  • Enchant your audience with the instant messaging on your TV app. nandbox supports this feature to enable the show-viewers of your community to chat with your channel representatives and to participate in live contests and competitions.

Video streaming to command your audience’s attention!

  • nandbox loves entertainment! Bring more views to your shows by streaming them on your channel’s app. Your audience can share the live stream – and you only have to imagine how will be the exposure if it goes viral.

Whole system integration

  • Save time and effort by integrating your channel’s social media accounts into your nandbox built-app. It’s a single platform on which you can even manage these accounts and post updates on it.