Sport Clubs

Mobile has taken over, numbers of mobile users are growing and so is the desire for your sports club app among your sport teams, club members and fans.

Our build your sports app platform will turn any of your ideas into a true native app without any coding from your side. Create Sports club App with our drag and drop platform without coding, tailor made features for sports club needs.

How would sports club app help your sports club?

Sports club app features we offer are many and powerful. Although we can recommend some tailor-made features for a sports app, you are completely free to drag and drop any feature you would like to add. 

Here are some of our recommended sports club app features:

Live Chatting feature

Sports clubs and teams are built to compete, share and interact with club members, club fans and sophisticated management. Include the live Chat feature in your own Sports club App. Let them interact and participate easily with no effort. Contacting members by means of instant texting is quicker than other digital communication ways.

E-booking feature

Provide a modern approach for booking your offered services, and match tickets. E-booking will be working 24/7. It extends freedom to your members to book their required services. It helps minimizing your workload by automating the booking process which will save your staffs’ time accordingly.

Event manager & calendar feature

Managing events will be much easier with the smart event manager, track the headcount of the participants, and plan your event accordingly. It enables you to send reminders to the participants when the event is approaching. It can help you to make massive announcement for all event participants such as changing location or time. All the events will be gathered in an interactive calendar. 

Digital memberships feature

Issue a digital version of your membership card, which is much easier to use with no production cost. Digital membership provides more convenient and seamless way for members to access details. It alerts them when their membership is about to expire.

System integrations feature

Several sport teams, fan pages and social media integration. All your sports, teams can be separately managed with unique internal designs for sports sections and teams, boosting fans and member’s engagements and fully integration with your social media channels and websites, you can post sports club news, calendars, events and more from one place to multiple channels.

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