What benefits will you get form a school/university App?

Be that influential school/university……

Keep both students and parents always up to date. (push notifications feature)

Mobile Apps for schools can easily replace news and occasions taking place in schools, along these lines decrease the inconvenience of announcing updates individually. School apps are the best medium when you need to make declarations concerning the course, class timings, calendar, and school regulation. The app can offer the fundamental information that helps parents getting updated.Mobile phones are the most common used tool among teenagers. Connect with your students through the most utilized thing these days will keep them and their parents dependably updated with your news. Your information will be a lot less demanding effort, and controllable. The mobileApp can gather both students and parents with your school/university.

Empower the App with online educational services. (e-books feature)

Put your curricula’s summaries inside the App, in a video or audio extension, online journals,FAQs approach, E-books, and more….Let the students and their parents reach all subjects and get answers whenever they need to.This will help you to keep your students engaged to your application. Offering education all services 24/7 in a comprehensive way is a strong advantage.

Classify and segment your departments and classes. (tagging and sub-grouping feature)

Organize your property by including the tagging and sub-grouping feature to your application. Sub-grouping will help you to assign teachers to each class with specific control access, and it will help you involve parents per each class. Tagging will give you the ability to choose which group you want to take an action on. These two unique features will enable you to coordinate each and every class, activity, and announcement perfectly with no effort. 

Let the parents track their children. (bus tracking feature)

Let the parents track their children twice a day! You can include the bus tracking feature to your school/university app, and let the parents watch their kids while they are moving from one point to another. (School bus tracking app) will improve the kids’ safety, and make their parents less worried.

Students and their parents will keep in touch with the teachers and the school administrators. 

 (Live chatting feature)

For the first time you can include a chatting feature in your school App. A side from the push notification feature, you can enable online chatting (school messenger app) between the students, parents, teachers, and administrators. This will take the communication to a new level of engagement and participation. 

Systems integration(feature)

Single place is your App!!

Build your School App and integrate it with your social media channels and back ends. Control all your channels from the mobile App. Link all your back-ends to your mobile App to save time and effort.

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