For schools and universities challenging the norm! 

Don’t you think of how bulletin boards are now too old-fashioned for students? Because the internet already does the deed. Still, it is challenging to meet the expectations of students today. They are beyond tech-savvy and always seek newness – making it harder for teachers to reach them out with less time and effort.

100% Native Mobile Apps 

Now, a mobile app can solve this challenge. The SaaS platform nandbox presents 100% native apps for schools and universities. It is the ultimate solution that brings all parties together. With a pool of features, education will be in a new style challenging the norm.

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Countless push notifications

For events, exams, classes or meetings, a myriad of notifications is there to reach all users and keep them all posted. The feature supports all kinds of media files, such as images, videos, voice notes, pdf, and word files.

E-books and more! 

The world changes fast. Being up-to-date is essential to grow and develop. Otherwise, we will get stuck in a state of flux. That’s why a content-rich mobile app is what educational organizations need today. Such an app can be a fast and handy source of information. It is a boon for today’s geeky generation of learners. The teachers as well can empower their students with a plethora of information – all in one app. Students can access published E-books, summaries, videos, and audios by this feature on your school app.

Tagging, grouping, and sub-grouping

A virtual classroom can now take place on a mobile app. Parents can also get involved. They can communicate with the teachers to keep posted with their children’s performance. This feature also enables the classification of the students into groups and sub-groups, as well as giving them tags. The teachers address their target segments through these channels on which they can pitch and create their own content.

Bus tracking 

This feature enables the students as well as their parents to locate and track the school/university bus. It guarantees the safety and brings peace of mind to the parents. Include it in your app as an integrated GPS map of high functionality.

Instant messaging 

For the first time, you can now include a one-to-one communication tool in your school/university app. Your school parties don’t have to depend on a single chatting app anymore. Your school app will engage them all with a new level of professionalism.

System integration

Save time and effort! nandbox integrates all your back-ends and social media accounts to your mobile app. 

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