Introducing Multiple Profiles in nandbox Messenger

Introducing Multiple Profiles in nandbox Messenger

nandbox is proudly introducing its unique multiple profiles feature. Four profiles, one account. Enjoy a private messaging experience with custom profiles for the various members of your social circle. Communicate freely. Present yourself appropriately to your friends, family, colleagues, and others. 

Benefits of Having Multiple Profiles

In nandbox Messenger with the multiple profiles feature, you get to set up four profiles: One for your friends, family, work, and public contacts, each. This means:

More Privacy: You can customize your profiles to conceal your identity and other personal information as you see fit. 

More Freedom: Share what you want to whom you want. You decide which profile each of your contacts will see. 

No Headaches: Each of your profiles are linked to a single account. You won’t need to remember additional passwords or to switch between accounts.   

Multiple Profiles at a Glance

First, set up your profiles. Enter a name for your Family, Friend, Work, and Public profiles. (Optional: Add a display photo and quote or status update to each profile.)

Next, assign a relationship. Choose the profile you want each of your contacts to see. You can change your selections and add new contacts to any profile, anytime. 

That’s it! You’re done. You are now ready to use nandbox Messenger for all your communication needs. 

Have you ever:

  • Created personal and professional accounts on the same messaging platform? 
  • Accidentally published a personal post from a professional account?    
  • Felt like you couldn’t express your true feelings due to certain contacts on your list? 
  • Been pestered online by a complete stranger? 

Say goodbye to your frustrations and hello to the freedom of multiple profiles. Switch to nandbox Messenger today.

Are most of your nandbox contacts friends, family, work, or public? 

Download the app for your Android device:  

Download the app for your iOS device: