How To Integrate PayTabs Payment Gateway In Your Shopping App

How To Integrate PayTabs Payment Gateway In Your Shopping App

The Easiest Way To Intergate PayTabs in your App, Created with nandbox

For startups or online enterprises, the payment gateway PayTabs introduces an array of online payment options. Meeting all needs, it’s integration approach with your Shopping App created on nandbox platform is as easy as nandbox has always been. You only need to drag and drop and insert a few data; No code is always the norm here.

Three Steps To Integrate The Payment Gateway of Your Choice in Your Shopping App

  1. Add the PayTabs Payment module to your App first!

    Log in to your nandbox Dashboard and head to step 4 “App Settings”. Drag and drop the PayTabs Payment module listed in the right menu, under Payment Options category.


    PayTabs Integration on nandbox dashboard

  2. Hit the gear icon of the PayTabs module for configuration.

    You will find two requirements:

    1- Secret Key

    2- Merchant Email

    Paytabs secret key and merchant email

    To get the first requirement, head to your PayTabs dashboard and click “Secret Key” placed on the left menu as shown in the image below. Copy and paste it in its field on your nandbox Dashboard

    Your PayTabs secret key

    To get the Merchant Email, head to “My Account” then to “My Profile”. Copy the email listed in there and paste on your nandbox Dashboard. Note that it should be the same email that you have used in creating your PayTabs account.

  3. Add the nandbox-PayTabs callback URL

    The callback url enables you to receive instant notifications on the status of each transaction undergoes via your app.  On the same screen, click “Edit” your profile and scroll down to reach the section Integration Related Settings. Here comes your final step: copy this URL and paste it in the field IPN Listener URL.

    Copy and Paste the IPN Listener URL

By taking these three simple steps, your Mobile Commerce App created with nandbox will be instantly linked to your Business Account on PayTabs. In case you need further support contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.


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