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Create an all-inclusive, modern, and engaging app and connect your users seamlessly. Build your app with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism on nandbox App Builder, without any coding knowledge, or upfront costs.

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100% Native Community Apps

Your App, Your Entity

Your community app shows up branded, on Google Play and the App Store, with your entity’s logo, images, and colors.

Unique Experience

Explore modules, functionalities, and options that are installed on your app with a click of a button.

Proven Technology

Save time, money, and effort with reliable, secure, and mobile app for your community app.

Create Community Apps & Foster a Sense of Belonging!



Create, manage, and announce events with its GPS location.


News Feed

Create an active news feed on your community app to keep all your neighbors engaged.


Media Gallery

Share lovely moments and create memories with your neighbors on your community app's media gallery.


Instant Messaging

Help your community members to be more involved and connected.

Instant News Feed

Keep your members engaged by sharing images, videos, and various content.

Announce the latest news and events in your community!

Get Connected

Allow community members to connect to discuss important matters, and schedule meetings if needed. Eliminate borders and get everyone onboard!


Messaging & Push Notifications

Send unlimited push notifications, and instant messages in channels and groups and reach anyone whenever and wherever they are!

Unlimited Channels

Create different channels in your app to allow your members to interact with various content and receive their replies privately.

Tracking & Map Searching

Allow your users to share locations, explore nearby places, and know more about their neighborhood’s citations. 


List main streets, buildings, and landmarks. With a smart interactive map; each landmark will be shown and visible to everyone.


No Coding Knowledge,
No Upfront Costs Are Required!