Native App for Your Community

How can a mobile app contribute to developing an inclusive community? An app can connect and serve community members on the spot. But at the same time, high efficiency and performance are essential to keep it retained. A native app can fulfill that. Yet, it needs time, money, and effort, as well as coding knowledge to develop it. With a fraction of its cost and in a few minutes, you can build a 100% native mobile app with nandbox’ Native App Builder. It is a simple dashboard, where you can build your app on by only drag-and-drop. No coding knowledge required. And to meet all communication needs, vast interactive features are there to lavish your community app with – a built-in messenger, a bus tracker, interactive channels, and much more. Scroll down to explore!

Build your community app in minutes and foster a sense of belonging

with myriad features that can connect your community members and entertain them!


Create, manage and pitch your event with its GPS location and with social media sharing options.


Create an active news feed on your community app to keep all your neighbors engaged.

Media Gallery

Share lovely moments and create memories with your neighbors on your community app's media gallery.

Instant Messaging

Help your community members to be more involved and connected.

Alerts and instant news

Share the latest news and alerts with the community members, keep them always up to date. Keep your members always engaged by sharing latest news, events and subjects that matters the most. Send images, videos, and files.


Community directory

Represent all commercial and medical directories within the community. Support your community members by providing (commercial and medical) guide.

Get connected

Allow community members to connect with city hall to discuss important matters, and schedule meetings if needed. Eliminate borders between you and your community members.

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Customer relation management

All posts and news which are sent from the CRM website will also be delivered to the mobile application and social media platforms such as Facebook. Affording a common CRM will enable you to focus on one platform. Sending a message through the App will give you the ability to reach every social media platform with one click.

Messaging and push notifications feature

Provide instant messaging and push notifications as well, for alerts, news and an easy modern way to communicate with the community members from within the App. Have your own complete community app, and keep your members engaged within your community.

message notifi
online message

Online chatting feature

Support your community members by offering online support from within the App. This will impact your community members’ satisfaction and simplify your processes as well.

Tracking and locating

Allow community members to receive map directions from each other.

map direction


List main streets, building and landmarks. Nothing is lost with this smart interactive map; each landmark will be shown and visible to everyone.


New smart approach for booking to make it easier and smarter, booking will work 24/7. It extends freedom to your community to book their required service, furthermore it helps minimize your workload by automating the booking process which will save your staffs’ time as well.

online booking

Rating and feedback

Allow community members to rate services offered, and get their feedback, this will help maintain your services and explore your communities needs.

IoT integration

Allow community members to inquire and get alerts when their electricity meter is under a certain threshold. It will help community members to ration their consumption if needed.

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