Link your nandbox Dashboard to your Apple Developer Account!

Link your nandbox Dashboard to your Apple Developer Account!

How to Connect Your nandbox-created App With Your Apple Developer Account?

Publishing on Apple’s App Store needs proficiency and knowledge on how to pass the store’s gate. Before publishing, Apple reviews the app and examines its eligibility. This process takes time and needs the experience to get through. The publishing team of nandbox can take over this mission and do it for you. We can set the minimum information of your app built on nandbox App Builder, submit it for Apple’s review, and get it published on the App Store. It only needs you to add the nandbox publishing team to your Apple Developer Account, to be your App Manager. Add the email address [email protected] to your account user list and we will take it from there. We will also pursue your app’s management in the future.

What is nandbox App Builder?

nandbox is a Canadian mobile app development platform, established in 2016. The SaaS platform has developed a no-code, mobile app builder, which enables everyone to make mobile apps with the best-in-class capabilities. With nandbox App Builder you can build personalized, native, hosted-ready mobile apps with simple drag-and-drop. Neither coding, nor upfront costs needed – but a 14-day free trial and life-time app support.

In case your account has the Individual entity type, then it is a single-user one. Still, the nandbox publishing team is here for you. You only have to fill in your username and password on the page Publishing Info on the nandbox Dashboard. And leave the rest to us.

The following steps are only applicable for accounts with the Organization entity type; multiple users can run your account. Hence, you can assign them different roles and manage their permissions. Among your users, the nandbox publishing team should be your App Manager.

Step 1

Sign in to your Apple Developer Account and go to People on the side menu. Then click Go to App Store Connect. The App Store Connect is a suite, Apple Developer Program supports uploading new apps and manage the old ones. This web tool assists in testing the apps on the app TestFlight. It also gives out sales reports and app analytics.

On App Store Connect, you will then be able to invite the nandbox publishing team to be your App Manager.

On your Apple developer account, go to People on the side menu. Then click Go to App Store Connect.

Step 2

After landing on the page Users and Access, press the blue Add button (+) to add a new user. Fill in the Email field with [email protected], after giving it first and last names.

Don’t forget to assign [email protected] the role of App Manager.

Under the section Apps, select All Apps to enable the nandbox team to add your new built-app and launch it.

Make sure you have checked the box in the Developer Resources section to get “Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles”.

Step 3

You only have to review your account’s people list, to check that the [email protected] is listed there. And ensure that it has got the App Manager role with access to your apps.

Check that [email protected] is among your user list.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at the email address [email protected].

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