nandbox Messenger

nandbox Messenger is a free messaging app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store to enjoy unparalleled user control, privacy, and security.


nandbox means more: More personal, more options, more people. Features include multiple profiles, user anonymity, and message recall.


  • MULTIPLE PROFILES: Control the personal information visible to your family, friend, work, and other contacts.
  • FREE VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS: Keep in touch with people from around the world using our widely-distributed servers. Chat one-on-one or in a group.
  • RAPID MESSAGING: Skip the SMS. Message anyone, anywhere, in a flash.
  • VERSATILE FILE-SHARING: Share and view songs, videos, PDFs and more. Enjoy them right within the app.
  • CHAT GROUPS & CHANNELS: Chat in groups of up to 1000 members. Create a Channel and broadcast messages to an unlimited audience.
  • SPAM-FREE: Avoid unwanted contact such as unsolicited messages and robocalls. Approve or reject new connections and invitations to join chat groups.


The nandbox Inc. Mission

nandbox Messenger was created for truly secure and private messaging. We use SSL encryption to protect your conversations and personal data. Our focus on privacy means you control the personal information others see and the contact you receive. The ability to create multiple profiles is a core privacy feature of the app. For information about this and other features, click here (coming soon).


Fun Fact: Founder Hazem Abdel-Maguid was inspired to create nandbox Messenger in response to his wife’s concerns about protecting her identity amid her numerous WhatsApp contacts, some of whom were acquaintances and strangers. He came to realize that a single profile was not sufficient in light of the average person’s vast social circle and decided to create a messaging app suited to the needs of today’s user. 




The nandbox Inc. Team

nandbox Inc. was founded in September 2015 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada by Hazem Abdel-Maguid and Abdelrahman Amer. The pair had previously founded Telepin Software Corporation in 2005. Volaris Group later acquired the digital transaction software company in 2017.

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